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short story via sms

Can we fuck in your office? Sure Really?   I have a huge cum stain on the front of my shirt. Aren’t you lucky! HOWARD BRYANT: I explain it with defense. The Denver Broncos are a good defensive football team.

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i am missing you right now. we had plans to make love, but you said you have to sleep, but i just want to snuggle and be lying next to you. manchester united and liverpool updatesThe National Football League hopes

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dad, snoopy and annie

From Dad:  Dear Charlie, Jodi and Leo, Hi! – Life continues quietly at Longmeadow, I’m pleased to report. Linn’s in Bristol this morning, watching a grandson in a Nativity Play and doing some Christmas shopping. I’m sitting at her computer

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giebink and sex

she wants to have coffee or see a movie with him. it’s just interest, i know that, thought this reads like a set-up to me. bothers me, though. beautiful night last night on the couch watching schindler’s list the three

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the way you

touch me or don’t, the ache to make love, the serious face you have when you are having fun, you won’t kiss me, you are nice on the phone. As you recall after we broke ground on this incredible resort,

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sunday, overcast fall day like home

Amber, green, gold and red trees, all the colors of brown make a beautiful fall. soft reverby music, a quieter jesus and mary chain. the man with the terrier puppy and the hard vacant face of a torturer or Vladimir

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so hard

why do i want what i do not have and when i stand to lose it, i want it worse. why can’t i just walk away from jodi. The ad is a metaphor for how Intel’s new processors are super

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jodi in maine

but she wants to come home. i have been looking forward to this week for a long time with leo in houston and me by myself trying not to get to ambitious and freaked out by all the things i

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scary to admit

it’s scary to say, for fear that things come crashing down or of some divine retribution but things have been really good. yes, there are bumps but we have been able to work them out, even if i get upset

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resentful, hurt… quick notes

larry – resentment is eating poison and waiting for the other person to die. nevertheless, here we go. larry says…. jodi perceives me as her mother – initially i responded that way i perceived her to be my mother. this

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