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Beautiful sunrise. Shame I’m in such a shitty mood. Mostly thinking about how shitty people are to each other and how little God/Nature/other people care.


God texted me to say that everything was back under control. That night from beyond his grave the helicopters swarmed over the house, their searchlights bright, their loudspeakers blaring his commands. But I had hidden the skeleton in my closet


painful, savvy and wry. 14 horrifying soft drinks around the worldThe NFL remains the Fake Oakleys most popular sports league in America, and it commands a premium. If the average NFL fan thinks the cost of attending games is already

end of forms.

careless hasty pajamas ripped online task management. a gift. the giver long gone. your mother, dead. and you in Oklahoma for many years. no matter. I found another pair a different we had bought some time before I met you.

moral compass

don’t regret a thing. regret everything. be vile to small children and generous to gypsies. eat and sleep regularly. stay up late drinking. take drugs. don’t self-medicate. love yourself in the morning. dedicate each moment to the service of evil.

Couple of notes

Couple of notes: Radiation City might be the new Arnold, and Fred Frith is great to roll around and laugh with. impressed my mom what I had for breakfast (home-grown cabbage frittatta with blueberries and mozzarella and salami on gluten-free

beautiful day

walk to the recreation center, chat with neighbor Alethea from Florida, lovely. football drills to increase speed agilityMicrosoft first demonstrated Surface at the 2007 All Things Digital (D) conference in Carlsbad, California. During that D conference, known as D5, Surface

RIP Roddy Fuller

His heart: 60. A large jump in pay due to overtime, receiving a big raise or getting a bonus can shove you into a higher tax bracket. Suppose your gross wages were $800 with taxable wages of $646.16 one

Hannah and her Sisters.

Hannah and her Sisters. Unbelievably great, still in love with Barbara Hershey. I think this was the first movie I experienced as a true adult, in terms of the vagaries of live and love. And the background! New York in

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Playing chess with people who probably aren’t playing chess task planner online. fogo ceo larry johnson on q4 2015 resultsTo account for this, Altmetric has included the context data for articles of a “similar age” (published within 6 weeks of