Author: Charlie Llewellin

nunca deje sin un beso

nunca deje sin un beso


I love everyone. I think everything is great.

Experience / Day 1

I can’t talk to you (all of you or any of you) something happens sometimes in a sentence sometimes after a while it breaks. I break it. thank god I don’t care any more I watch. no regrets, only slow


do n-line workers have to hang flashing lights in their bedrooms and paint white stripes across the bed to be able to sleep. does anything think Phil Lesh ever knew what notes he was playing.

Fort Worth

horsies & chablis

Friday: a fun night dancing at the Sahara with many friend sightings – Amy H, Lana, Snoopy, Rachel W.


Every time I see the LCRA sign I start singing Tapper Zukie’s MPLA… “LCRA, Natty going on a holiday.” #lifemashedup #25yearsandcounting Like the dreams I used to have where I was driving a Ford Transit down the M4 at night


we danced and danced the two-step and the waltz to Geno Delafose.


hi julie it’s your dad i hope you’re well we mainly well here except for nick who’s supposed to florida i didn’t know if you had that please hold for the truck sitting down to the whole i need to


bud showed up with a fleet of rough white trucks and started hacking at the carport. I’m wearing a frilly white shirt.