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Yummmmm (re Icelandic chocolate)

went out to Blanco today to the dentist
All good, they are great
House is fine, it appear, lots of kids playing, they move out July 4th so I will go there then and clean up and then go back to Colombia
Mom still in hospital, in fact it is good, as they are running tests on her and seeing why she gets indigestion. Her head is better. So hopefully she will return home improved, but she will need home help, etc. Called Tom, he was in his boat on the Severn.. makes him and me so happy
Daphne quite content in her old people’s home in Chepstow, doing well, says Dad.
hot hot hot here. went swimming but too soon after a chicken sandwich so came home.
Cali 2 – Medellín 0 🙁

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