Year: 2017

getting old

when can I succumb to the sadness and the pain in my petrifying muscles hard as rock, the breath now hardly penetrates no wisdom in age, only perhaps a tired reconciliation with the facts


byrne on bread take a piece of bread put it in the toaster watch it toast put butter on it eat one half now eat the other half bowie on bread don’t fear the wheat do not dread the biggest


they’re all hot places now where I grew up was wet and cold, now it’s a lovely day they say, nothing between us and the sun. the vultures watch the line between earth and sky for carrion while I follow


In photography, use geometry to add possibility.

Email to Anna

Yummmmm (re Icelandic chocolate) went out to Blanco today to the dentist All good, they are great House is fine, it appear, lots of kids playing, they move out July 4th so I will go there then and clean up


dreamt of driving through flat texas landscape looking for the tigris delta in an old land rover with you or someone that might have been you.