Sunday: Arrival. Bus to Chepstow, picked up by Joan. Chicken for dinner.

Monday: Pulled dead ewe out of ravine, took it to kennels at Itton.

Tuesday: Tried loader? Can’t remember what else. Salmon pasta for dinner.

Wednesday: Raglan Market in the morning, selling lambs. Afternoon, put loader on Zeta tractor. Chicken soup for dinner

Thursday: Walked farm, concern about which field to put cows in. Looked at huge fallen beech. Worked on new barn. Dad came, we looked at Tom’s Drascombe lugger. To Bristol for Pop Group show. Phil, Jackie, Simon, Kevin Evans, Grantley, Ollie, Rich Beale, Paul, etc, etc. Epic night.

Friday: Patrick to Belgium. Fed sheep, rams, worked on end of barn, fed chickens. Tom and Joan to Cheltenham.

Wednesday: Clytha walk with Dad. Work.

Thursday: Helped Tom with barn at farm. Work.

Friday Oct 30th: Walked up stone path to Mamhilad folly. Cwmbran to buy bed clothes and clothes. To farm, back to Dad’s.


Thursday Nov 27th: Ystradfailte.

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