Unkindly I wonder if he really knows what it means

to be a hero, I mean, married to a supermodel,



This David and that David are useless to me now

sling and songs unsung, unflung, hanging at their side.


(A movie star pilots his jet sixty miles each way every day

His temporary neighbors, rich themselves, at first excited by this proximity are soon annoyed.)


Another David watches you,

an effigy of you, naked and blindfolded, arms raised to the adoring crowd.

He straps the belt of dynamite around his perfect ass,

hurls himself into my volcano heart to loose

a flood, a torrent, a furious salty horde,

armed with acetylene and vitriol, blinded and flailing.


My right side aches from shoulder to hip,

slowly turning to stone.


I’m far away on a high plateau. A different woman kisses me and leaves,

drives into the mountains to meet a man for whom she might cry uncle.

“Soon,” she says. “Or not.

Love is never enough.”


I’ll swim to Mexico,

if only to swim back again.


Later, eating lunch in a border town,

another woman, one I will never kiss or hold,

turns to me as she walks towards the door.

Surprised, she says my name.


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