leonard, robyn and daphne

robyn hitchcock acknowledged leonard cohen at the end of his rather ramshackle show, middled-aged sloppy rock from gray-haired men. was peter buck pissed off or is that always how he looks. while robyn was playing the first song of the encore alone i thought i saw him quarrel with the drummer in the sky-booth, but that might have been my imagination. standing next to ilse and luann. holly was up there sitting with michelle, robyn’s wife. holly got me on the guest list, after i took her to the leonard cohen show the night before, an experience so sublime that i almost wish i had not seen robyn hitchcock, like following a gourmet meal with a burrito. both fine, but one very different from the other. leonard cohen’s band (roscoe beck from austin, bass and md, my old acquaintance rafael gayol on drums, way to go rafael) were magnificent, neil larsen on magic organ, and a dude from barcelona on oud and mando-guitar things particularly amazing. i forget which song had the long solo oud intro, but it was fantastic. holly and i were transfixed all the way through. (jodi was at carnival ah.) i was thinking – i am watching leonard cohen (age 74) sing bird on a wire and suzanne. i think i first heard that last song in germany. i can see the room, trying to play it on guitar, i guess, not sure where, but teens i am sure. i had a moment towards the end during i’m your man when i started to think – what’s wrong with these songs – and they seemed very ego-driven, somehow deeply solipsistic for all their sheen of adult awareness, rooted in male need and aloneness – nothing about kids or laundry, i guess you don’t go to leonard cohen for that – but the majesty of the playing and the music and his spirit won me back. definitely in the top ten up there with u2 after 9/11, blue aeroplanes (opening for the charlatans at the kentish town forum) . an amazing experience, more than a show. holly and i hung out with michelle during the intermission and chatted with robyn and her afterwards. well, holly did most of the chatting. she loves her middle-aged rock stars. he was very pleasant. “Nice jacket,” said jody denberg to me (he was with robyn and michelle.)

and daphne talked to me for 20 minutes on the way to casis, telling me about Jestyn John Romlly Hall, scion of my great-aunt and her paint baron husband (rolac?), who died at 13 (when she and david were 7) of pneumonia, and was buried at st mary’s even thought his family lived at bradford-on-avon. jestyn named after the jestyn (my great – how many – grandfather) who started the solicitor firm in Newport (i think, not Usk). she said granny and her and david had to drive to a field by the river to pin a sheet to the ground to let a guest arriving by light aircraft where to land. this would have been 1930’s. i wonder what kind of plane it was. daphne said that granny wanted to name them Jestyn and Jane not David and Daphne, but was vetoed by her sister-in-law who had already called her son Jestyn, even though, said daphne with annoyance, he was always called johnny. daphne and david is better.

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