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Unkindly I wonder if he really knows what it means to be a hero, I mean, married to a supermodel, perfection. This David and that David are useless to me now sling and songs unsung, unflung, hanging at their side. (A movie star pilots his jet sixt…

Song of Everything

That was a bonehead move I mean the title The sorrow that binds us binds us strongly I still have hair You a breast and a half beyond that, we love, are still loveable How can a movement of the neck, a certain tightness around the eyes, mean so mu…


love makes all things possible alas not true. love makes the impossible tragic with you i discovered a basic incompatibility i did not know was possible between two human beings love made that possible

Lost Cat

Almost two years ago I lost my cat Gattino. He was very young, still a kitten, at seven months barely an adolescent. He is probably dead but I don???t know for certain. For two weeks after he disappeared people claimed to have seen him; I trusted tw…

sxsw 2006 photo log

“sxsw 2006 photo log”[Note] fri mar 10 (Mar 10) John C. Reilly (Dusty in the movie) at the Prairie Home Companion opening Also Bob Berney (Picturehouse Films, NY) and SXSW staffer Matt Dentler. film party at buffalo billiards[Note] sat mar 11 (Mar…

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anusara themes

All this is Siva: Anusara themes BKS Iyengar: Make the light of the body the light of the soul. link to tejasSally Kempton: Courage is the quality of heart that allows to step past the borders of the known world and do something that scares us. Co…

Mushy Peas

how to draft a simple contractDelicious, highly recommend. Full of flavor. I made these for my boyfriend and his friends while they watched NFL football all of them loved it! The only changes I made was that i made

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