the lightness and heaviness

of marriage. felt that as i drove from class to pick up jodi. she was knee-to-knee with sg, but when i came up she hugged and said she had been bragging on me, very loving. we had a nice weekend, bumps lovingly expressed and received.

i get so hurt, and jealous, and it is not justified. even this morning, she is getting ready to go to the gym, and as i drive away i get upset that she has not told me this. but did i say i was going to work early? no. and when i do, might not going to the gym be her response.

we opened presents for leo last night and watched stepbrothers, mildly amusing. the katana is a big hit.

saturday night overcame my resentment to have a good time at michelle’s. jodi loved it and having me there, of course. even managed to leave her and go to bed. she is so sexy!!

the winter continues to be beautiful, the trees with just the echoes of gold and brown in a few leaves, winter light and clouds and bare branches. welsh looking even if 80 degrees. cold today, though.

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