Month: December 2008

the way you

touch me or don’t, the ache to make love, the serious face you have when you are having fun, you won’t kiss me, you are nice on the phone. As you recall after we broke ground on this incredible resort,

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heart stuff

love, hate, despair, in, out, love, sex, yoga, anger, sadness, love. i would like to be easy in love, i would like to share the same ideas and thoughts, to be heard, literally and metaphorically. why am i still here?

this is how the world will end

one of these ways. Luckily for Phoenix, a guardian angel was waiting in the wings. A nearby man saw the state of Phoenix’s vehicle, noted the gasoline pouring into the overturned car, and saw Phoenix reaching for his lighter. This

stomach, dachsunds

the show is great, such fun to be involved and to be challenged to be professional on a work and human level. peter and lana full of compliments. everyone’s going to snoopy’s birthday. connections.. laura at david and ellyn’s party,