wonderful breakfast with mary pat at casa, on a cold welsh morning that makes me feel at hoime and long for home. we talked about relationship, how hard it is, yoga, mary, jodi, frank. how to look after yourself in a relationship. how commitment is required.

pizza and full metal jacket with leo at home last night while j was at the dick monologues (cunnilingus as gps. stop.) he got scared and slept on the pallet. maybe it would have beena good opportunity to have tried to change that. still feeling that rejection that j wants to go out with the g-friends not be at home with me and leo. even though she said that’s what she would rather do – watch a movie with us and also we agreed to be home tonight.

kirscha today talking about contact jam on tuesday nights. jodi wants tom giebink’s email address. why?

cold outside. doing ok today. messing with ajaxing

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