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after a difficult week we had a good session with jen, back on some kind of even keel, and it is good, though not yet solid ground, says j. when will that happen?

she doesn’t want to dance with me holding hands, because she says i hold her too tightly – feels like being reined in. in her mind, that seems to me.

hugs to me are non-negotiable, too.

anyway, we did have a lovely weekend, castle hill and wink for dessert and champagne courtesy of darcie jane, who i had run into at the post office and said to drop by and bring the wife. wink’s chocolate dessert better than the chocolate mousse at castle hill, though they were both excellent.

saturday we went to deep eddy and slept, came home, watched the wire in the evening, sunday bc, quite fun, actually, not too much of an emotional ride, robert and lee fisher’s baby shower (a rude event), then off to fetch the boy while i worked on the prison chapter.

we have good times, really good times, and then i still think… can i take it?

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