Month: April 2008

lunch and other stuff

feeling today – i’m okay. still hard. just alot of the same old stuff still coming up and will it ever be done. lunch at the clay pit with brian a. nice chat about.. bodychoir, relationships, etc… of course. he’s

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and then…

it all comes crashing down, in a tough weekend with no sleep. and the next day is blue blue blue with the ache a little further toward the stomach and a feeling of hopelessness. this evening i know what it

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mary – notes on the yoga of discernment

about the practice. a Being is being. We are subjects. Yoga is in us, it can never be an object. We should not do it “for” anything, for peace, for strength. It is who we are – it is not

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mom dad, charlie

“you are a bit of all of those.” good stuff from the boy. hectic day at work. love my wife. CORNISH: Just to take a step back for a moment, I mean, for sports fans, people treat Black Monday

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on the way into pyon moo do – “leo jinks-lehl, llewellin… sorta.” lots of lovely love reading “he” and “she.” league’s longest line drop outAfter the damp squib came the firecracker. This was what the NFL signed up for when


new pornographers live at soho from itunes, van morrison and the chieftains (oh my god so good), new richard thompson. j and i – onward, sometimes through the fog. good, bad, indifferent. 2 billion plan to buy eaccess from softbankLove


covered with horrible welt-like blisters all over my arms, hands and back.. either from the flea-bag motel in jacksboro or chiggers along the trinity. interesting to watch their development, aside from being gross and very itchy. love love love today,