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what is this? actually i think it’s pretty cool. busy week, with the editorial ‘retreat’ (at the driskill) on monday. excellent food of the chocolate croissant and chicken salad kind, and homilies from evan, jon meacham of newsweek, and, fanfare, please sy hersch (seymour m. hersch) the new yorker writer. meacham was every inch the southern gentleman from chattanooga, measured and urbane, hersch was a rambling, shambling, fire-spitting man, probably in his early sixties, who mesmerized all with talk of how he contacted his sources, his relationship with remnick, and the evil of cheney. all off the record, otherwise i would post some quotes. the day finished with a heartwarming photo slide show from wyatt. a real treat to get to listen to folks like meacham and hersch off the record and candid.

other than that, it’s been yoga and body choir, with the retreat reg stuff for which i volunteered gearing up. it’s fun to feel part of the tribe and good to have to patient with everybody. hey register now! plus rain and cold weather again, though this morning was beautiful, gray ghost trees against a brilliant blue sky. off to get a massage from liz b now.

which was wonderful, met her mom tookie visiting from houston, and we worked excruciatingly but effectively on my poor right wrist and the sub-scapularis. then body choir and the gourds at jovita’s, including veggie enchiladas at 11pm.

i also forgot to mention in honor of mandy’s eating fish, my new “best sandwich in austin,” the salmon bbq sandwich available at the fish counter at whole foods. amazing.

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