gina’s wedding

gina’s wedding lived up to every high expectation – it was so close to the p-word that to say it was not would be high-grade niggling. a ceremony full of pomp and gravitas, ritual and happiness, a true reflection of their love. if the string quartet had been perfectly in tune, it would have been too good to be true. almost did not go because of the dire weather, heavy rain in austin and the promise of an ice storm in the metroplex. my yard was oregon in the morning, a rushing torrent that miraculously did not make it in to the garage. it seems that the water found its way down the side of the house fast enough to not come into the house.

the ceremony was in st patrick’s cathedral in downtown fort worth, full of stained glass and statues. there were four priests, including a jesuit from boston and the local bishop and another priest who looked good in his cassock and knew it, seven or eight matching bridesmaids including louise and jennifer, groomsmen, ring bearers, etc etc. everyone was dressed to the nines. full on catholic ceremony including holy communion. gina and alex looked beautiful and handsome respectively, and maintained perfect poise throughout. the bishop carried a crook and wore a bishop’s hat, which he removed to reveal a red a skullcap, which he took off the show his bald head. at the end he put his headgear back on in order and took his crook back from the altar boys.

the party was at the tony fort worth club on the 12th floor of a downtown building. walls covered with english prints, it was not cowboy at all, utterly posh. there was beef and chicken (not a choice) and two kinds of cake (the wedding cake and the groom’s chocolate cake), a very pro and stylish band, and lots of wine and champagne and booty shaking. the whole thing was magical, as anybody who knows gina would expect.

took in lou chapmans’ exhibition of ambient photos at the community arts center in the afternoon before the wedding.

the next morning was icy cold and wet but not in the stock show where it was warm. young farmers were judging goats very seriously, teenagers with embroidered carhartt jackets studying boer goats intently and writing on clipboards. one whole shed of boer goats, more goats, pigs, cattle and lots of people, all very friendly and happy to tell you about their animals. the nigerian pygmy goat guy particularly forthcoming. hot chocolate and iced cinnamon roll for first breakfast, second breakfast at lucile’s, a breakfast pizza. The modern was closed because of the weather, so a quick visit around the permanent collection of the kimbell – i like the african sculpted heads and the south american gods and pots downstairs – before driving back to austin.

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