Year: 2007

Mexico, Thanksgiving 2007

Missed the flight to Veracruz. Waiting patiently and not worrying in the Mexico DF airport. We rented a car, a dodge, which took a while and was expensive, which worried you. Terrible horrible df traffic, me not knowing where we

news from wales

oddly comfortingfunny and touching Even if preseason results are useless, these exhibition games are useful for evaluating individual players. The numbers a player puts up may not translate to the regular season, but the traits he puts on film, more

when van morrison

says it’s alright, you know it’s alright. Listening to Pay the Devil in the car. and.. sampling egg salad in Whole Foods – “it’s real egg too, no tofu.” What goes around… inside pickoff move to second baseAt the Cannes

is there life on?

i never knew that it was on america’s tortured brow, that mickey mouse had grown up a cow. d nfl comes to movie theatersThe Washington Nationals have been in Washington since 2005, and before that the franchise was known as

long day tuesday

up at 5 for for fire the grid. i went to the house of sonia sophia and michael, though i heard later that tracy had a gathering. i had not sat for an hour for a while, but it passed

lady bird and danny santos, no santos

I love this pic from the lady bird funeral (from the nytimes). what is bill thinking? it is a caption contest. evan has a nice post. danny santos, no santos (only claudie claudelle and maybe smithola will get this) was


i went to mehtab’s lini wall of sound class on tuesday night which was great – long time no lini, and it was fun. we did long ek ong kaar’s. i’m thinking of doing the conscious communication level 2 coming

for you

leaving whole foods i passed a middled-aged man in a tie-die shirt eating asparagus and green beans in a salad, a woman squeezing ketchup onto a her kids’ hot dogs, and a young guy alone eating a huge piece of


tomatoes and aubergines from the garden. a sunny day, but not to hot. mango-tomato salsa for lunch wth fried okra and more. yum! i went and gamboled rather than swam in stacy. i love that pool, but in general i

seven seven seven

random notes from the last couple of weeks, together with some off-beam photos. this post was going to be called wetter than the fifth of july, but that was two days ago. it rained again this morning but the word