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ran (all but a few yards) from south first to mopac and back this morning, the farthest for a long time. a foggy morning, trees pretty in the mist from my deck this am, so i decided it was too cold to cycle 360, but maybe a good day to go take pictures of the city. watched Gilbert’s Gazelle’s training hard and since my shoes and shorts were in the car I went running. then a taco at polvo’s. typing this listening to tim robbin’s commentary to dead man walking, which i never saw till yesterday. it’s a really good film. robbins’ commentary is mostly technical, stuff about camera angles and set design that you never think about as a viewer. i’m in full netflix mode, went to best buy yesterday at what i thought was bright and early – 9am – to buy a tv, only to discover that they had had 300 people lining up at 5am. i bought a tv so i don’t have to watch movies on my laptop, and, yes, it is better. now i can blog at the same time as watch.

went to antone’s last night for alejandro‘s show. the web site did not list an opening act so i went at nine and missed bodychoir and watched the openers, hippie-rock singer songwriter with an attractions line-up band who were tight and funky though the songs were not that great. interesting to hear someone using the jam band/white reggae sound as a basis for songwriting, like that is the music the guy knew naturally. alejandro’s show did not do it for me, his four-square rhythms can sound grand with the orchestra but tonight it seemed clunky and not integrated, despite a top-notch guitar-player. An acoustic section with a beautiful waltz was best. ron deutsch was there with a friend from la, and pointed out that the new painting of clifford antone hanging in the club looks like chairman mao.

i was sorry to miss bodychoir – i am going through a period of intense connection to the experience. don’t know any of the people that go, though of course i recognize them every time. anyway, i did a little mix based around remixes of oye como va and soul makossa that i heard at bodychoir and put it on iTunes, though somewhat truncated since some of the best songs are not available.

I swept off the deck this morning and now it is covered with leaves again! it really is fall.

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