rain and wind

rain rain at 12:45am this morning I woke up… which means that the leaves that cover the deck are now soggy, but still very welcome a proper storm. windy this morning the tree branch that i can’t quite reach to trim hitting the roof. impromptu very cold pump maintenance on a rushed morning when i did not get up until 6:30. apparently it snowed in west texas last night. last night yoga with christina with a wonderful feet detour and a bodychoir where i felt… like in a tangled forest, hemmed in, not so many people but somehow the shape of the dance more formless and pathless. eventually i found the way to be where i was. great worldy arabic skittering music, all light drum patterns and no bass, sufi dancing.

it’s been quite the most beautiful fall i can remember in texas for the last few weeks, the trees all kinds of yellows, browns, green and red, the sumac, which my dad identified, particularly vivid against the green junipers.

birzer’s new cruiser – great grips. “it’s got lunar energy.”

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