Month: November 2006

lovely evening, foggy outside in the dark, south austin mexican party sounds, accordion pumping sounds like a live band. i hope i fixed the pump in the back pond, water is flowing, pulled out a huge pile of vegetation that


the backyard looks very pretty right now, with tinges of red on the japanese blueberry (i think) and the other two small trees covered with gold leaves. best bodychoir for a while, dancing dancing dancing to a remix of Soul

rock of ages

tonight went to the zeppelin show at st david’s, after john aielli talked about it on the radio yesterday. all your faves, done not too tastefully, but not overdone. i particularly enjoyed wendy colonna singing, brad evilsizer drumming and glenn

revelation of grace

a great class with Christina this evening. Se talked about anugraha as gripping, as muscular strength, keeping the back leg strong as a remembrance of grace. When we work with grace grace works in us. I had a strong realization

dad and linn

i took dad and linn back to the airport today, election day, after a ten day visit. seems like they enjoyed themselves a lot. what did we do? (we ran into a lot of my friends and acquaintances, including sue

gourds at gruene

friday night – very fun – danced and sang. great to see the boys again. smithola in fine form. it was a great set. set list (from ducktaper)… every speck of this show rocks. Gimme Back my WigThanks to Debbie

from the kundalini yoga lists

Sat Nam As we continue to do Sadhana and read the scriptures something unnamed begins to emerge, gather and recollect Itself from within us: That which is the Truth. It draws us inward with such a force that we find