kula blankets

ocean of the family, says stephen the sanskrit professor, kula means family. the heart, hrdya, is what keeps the family together. quite readable sanskrit, he says of the kularnava tantra. very good twisting forward bend class from christina, who structures her classes so perfectly. and she said i can just do the second half of the teacher training she is offering next year, which i hope means that i can get all the teacher training hours i need and go to gina petrelli’s wedding in fort worth, which i am really looking forward to.

i have been using blankets practising forward bends, particularly triang mukha and the half gomukhasana seated bend that charly taught us, and this coupled with the hip openers of mary and christina, has been having amazing results in just a couple of days. a little honesty results in a huge opening. i can touch my forehead to the floor again in sukhasana.

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