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blogging while eating late after a wonderful class from julie subbing for christina that was the church of (hail) mary revisited. lots of melt the heart, how wonderful pose, and tips of the shoulderblades in. how we forget. i had forgotten the tips of the shoulderblades. a great class for the tm folks. thanks and bow to mary and julie.

liz b was there caught up with her, told her about going to be teaching more at casa, and she said she is writing more and doing less teaching. our lives ebb and sway. now that everybody thinks i am a writer after the hikes cover life is bringing me more teaching.

spent $70 in whole foods for waht seems like a few vegetables and some cheese. nice welsh caerphilly, though! looking forward to roasted brussels sprouts and cheese (grommit).

hugo in the nyt!! nice comment on my photos from molly.

still sadness in my heart for d.

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