January 6th already, the feast of the Epiphany said Mary this morning, when the three wise men followed the star to find the baby Jesus. Of course Christmas is the birth of Jesus, but I thought of the Wise Men kind of leading up to Christmas… did the star appear before his birth? Mary talked about the trust and faith required to stop everything and follow a star.. which I do not deny but I think of these men as professional sign-watchers, yogis or monks or priests, who would have benn ecstatic at such a definite manisfestation, something you prayed might happen in your lifetime.

An odd trip to the UK this Christmas. I kind of did not really want to be there, I guess, though of course it was really nice to see family and friends. A particlarly lovely day wandering around Glastonbury and climbing the Tor. See pics of the trip here. All I can say is that I felt relieved and excited to see Minneapolis below me on the return. In London I took pics of the Houses of Parliament and St Paul’s like a regular tourist!

Lots of kids, especially 10 to 14 year old boys this time round, it seems… Not just Joe (10 or 11, I think), but Lynn’s grandkids, Kim (Elly’s sister’s) son Charlie, who was very studious and hunched like an old professor, and then Alwin… he was great. And Sean of course. Same old same old with Anna…

And back at work, back teaching… for some reason I thought 2005 was going to bring more time… but no, we have Aadil, and Mary’s workshop and … help … writing Rivers and the Cycling thing, and then should I do Siddha or Gioconda or cycling or stay at home on Sundays…

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