Year: 2005

Miami FLA – hot sweet Cuban coffee, mozarella veggie sandwich, taxi ride with smiling young African driver – loud eighties music and cold AC as we wait on the freeway for a wreck to be cleared. Lots of little eateries

Flickr photo set (friends only) from New Mexico. I also want to mention the amazingly colorful fall we’ve been having in Austin. Address the necessity of team building by identifying a problem or gap within your organization. Clearly outline the

Snow in England. There was snow on the mountains of New Mexico on Sunday morning. Once the remote is synced up with the console, the LEDs Cheap NFL Jerseys will stop flashing, and one of them will remain lit. If

Fort Davis

Left Tuesday after a long meeting at work. Wheatsville, Whole Earth (fleece and pocket stove) and Whole Foods. On the road by 3pm, stayed in Fort Stockton after deciding not to arrive at 11pm at the David Mountains and try

A Treasure Trove – the Photo Gallery of theSOUTH GWENT RAMBLERS. “That probably threw the timing off a little bit,” Butler said. “But me and Cat (Catanzaro) have a job to do and I’ll definitely take some blame on that

Darren Ryan & Andrew Thomas in action in Gwent Cup Final. Most men will tell you, “I don’t want to identify as a feminist”. One, because it starts with “femme”, which is another form of hatred of women. What is

Waiting in traffic for what? a big motorcade coming down Trinity St, police bikes and limos and a van and a Suburban or Tahoe full of Secret Service. Who was it – must have been the Dalai Lama. Lots of


Some personal stuff friom Katrina. Learnt that Harry Catsis had been living in Louisiana in Raton Rouge and NOLA for sixteen years, that Rob Glaxo is about to go in for chemo, that Bart and Neti were safe in France

Hot hot hot out at the house this morning. Parched grass. Big black turd in the driveway – it’s been there a few days. Perhaps coyote? Genealogy on IM with de and phone with Mum. Beginning in January 2012, Smith

Notes from Tuesday morning

Remembered to take my pills and bring my breakfast muesli, but forgot my bag with my phone and wallet. Driving down Mopac – the unbearable sadness of Miles Davis’ trumpet (‘When I fall in love,’ from plugged nickel) gives way