A truly wonderful weekend in Houston with John Friend. Challenging, exciting, demanding, opening, deep.

There’s photos here for the time being, until I get them up on the “real” site. They need editing.

I love that John can really explain the roots of Anusara yoga in Tantric philosophy so that when he says “the highest aim of Anusara yoga is to party” it sounds like a wonderful call to your higher self. And we did party on Sunday afternoon. Lots of leg behind head, padmasana, etc. I felt much less of my usual frustration, and just concetrated on what I could do. What a bunch of great folks the Anusara kula is. And Benjy and Heather were wonderful.

Really fun meeting Elizabeth Kadetsky and hanging out with Mary Pat and the kula.

Now I’m going to teach a class at Texas Monthly! Let’s see what I can remember.

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