Year: 2004

A truly wonderful weekend in Houston with John Friend. Challenging, exciting, demanding, opening, deep. There’s photos here for the time being, until I get them up on the “real” site. They need editing. I love that John can really explain

The Murray mower saga. Which I got from Bob Nagy for $800 with the house, and has no model number so I can’t order new rims and I can’t get anybody to put new tires on the rusted rims I

More Costa Rica… on the plane I was ready to get back at work.. and then on Tuesday was utterly miserable. Electrical storms of the mind. a good vertical for high school footballRed Wing with the Most to Prove: Petr

Costa Rica… green hills, like Wales. bumpy roads, “unforgettable, unbelievable,” said Martin at SkyTrek. Cows, little farms. Jungle is what’s left. Tabacon – paradise by the volcano. Here’s Luann and Alicia from New Jersey (think Fiona .. and now think)

Meditate only on the absolute state of consciousness, beyond names and forms. angelo mastropietro finishes project to turn cheap nfl jerseys 250George Formby was not a man blessed with outstanding musical or thespian talent. Indeed, he Ray Ban sale could

Ojo Caliente, June 26th It’s hard to explain or believe how beautiful this morning has been. Sat Nam! 11 minutes Sat Kriya, then Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, Sa Ta Na Ma, 31 minutes meditation — enjoying the spanda. I’m not exaggerating

Every morning my neighbor Ian McLagan brings his wife Kim a cup of tea in bed and says “Welcome to paradise.” From their bedroom the view is of mostly uninterrupted greenery, in this secluded neighborhood set on a low rise

Mary this morning – therapeutic class. Putting shoulders back (the painful muscle – teres?) at the bottom of the armpit that goes all the way to the wrists, and groins back. Trying to heal injuries properly and learn how not

Last Day of the Immersion. Had to leave. Why? No why questions, only how…! Seize the spanda. Anyway, now I am suddenly feeling – what is the use of asana. Meditation is the path forward. Plus walking. I’m sure I

It is said sometimes that the great teachers and mentors, the rabbis and gurus, achieve their ends by inducting the disciple into a sort of knowledge and belief, make of their charisma a kind of gift. The more I think