Thank you for the news…

I love to hear about the doings and changes

Ha. Piddletrenthide

I’m off to a music festival today..

is the review from yesterday

Here’s a thing about the gourds

It is well worth reading..

what with work, writing teaching, teacher training, I stay very busy..

here’s the latest article..

trying to get to New York this year to see the Avedon exhibition at the Met

I think late November!

Then Espanola for Tgiving and s wales for christmas…

Loooking forward very much!

sending lots of love and blessings to you and Linn

Yer loving son


On Sunday, September 29, 2002, at 05:07 AM, Linda Saunders wrote:

Dear Charlie

I am sorry to have been in touch only briefly and infrequently over the last

two months. We have been quietly busy here getting on with life, and

correspondence has taken second place.

Linn took on a new client following a breakdown in their accounting. They

are nice people to work for and she enjoyed the challenge, but it took her

many hours to sort it out. She has now brought them up to date, and is

catching up on her normal work. At the same time Simon Reid’s business

produced an exceptional assignment for me; he needed a detailed three year

financial forecast, which kept me busy for a few days.

Not that it has been all work! On the weekend of Linn’s birthday we went to

stay in a posh hotel in Evershot, which is a tiny village between Yeovil and

Dorchester. We drove around (Lyme Regis and Abbotsbury) and walked over the

hills near other tiny villages like Piddletrenthide and Plush. I hadn’t been

to Dorset for many years, and it seemed to me little changed, but I expect

that most of the cottages are now second homes, or even bought by commuters.

Anyway, it all looked very beautiful on a sunlit weekend.

In fact the weather has been quite a feature here – steady and persistent

high pressure, and no measurable rain for a month. We are in the middle of a

fortnight’s holiday, but have decided not to go away because it is nicer

here. We are pottering about in the garden, getting it ready for the winter.

On the Sunday before Patrick’s birthday Joan and Thomas brought their boys

over here, and we went on to the Brecon Mountain Railway, which is actually

nearer Merthyr. It is a section of the former GWR line from Brecon to

Dowlais, and it runs past the reservoir up the Taff Fechan valley towards

the Beacons. It has been re-laid with a 2 foot gauge, and they have found

and restored some old steam locomotives. All very picturesque, and the boys

loved it. Well, we all did!

I had your message about Patrick’s birthday. Don’t worry. I have two little

moulded plastic figures, part of a set he is collecting, and I will give

them to him within the next few days as a present from his Uncle Charlie in


Mary and Nick and the girls have moved house. They spent their first night

there amongst the packing cases last Thursday (three days ago). The house

needs a lot of work, but it is very nice, and almost exactly fits their

requirements. It was formerly used for a vet’s practice, and most of the

downstairs was used for consultation and treatment. At present they are

mainly living upstairs. They have hacked off old plaster, and lifted rotten

floorboards, so at the moment it looks partially derelict, but Nick enjoys

property restoration and is very good at it, and I am sure they will soon

have it looking great. Did you know their address is now: Northfield House,

High Street, Box, CORSHAM, Wiltshire, SN13 8NN and their phone is 01225


I will stop now, but intend to write more frequently!

It is really good news that you are coming to Wales for Christmas.

Linn sends her love. So do I !


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