Year: 2001

Walking up from Longtown (Red Daren) on the English side up to the sunny cold ridge. Mountains to the west like West Texas. Very quiet (except for the jet fighters). Boggy and treeless ridges. The valley to the east filled

December 8-18th in England. Notes: going with Mike and Kim to the Vortex in Stoke Newington, driving through the backroads of North London I had not seen for a while. Roland Gift in the audience: next day the busker with

email to Nick Halliwell: Wow, Nick, Congratulations on the success. Hard work and application will get you along way, as long as you treat people (and yourself first) right and remember to laugh and sweat every day! Sounds like fun

George was not my favorite Beatle. Like a lot of little American girls, I was superficial and was madly in love with Paul. He was the cutest, he had that twinkle in his eye, he wrote the beautiful melodies, or

RIP George, yesterday. I think the first time I knew the pangs of love was seeing your face on the back of Rubber Soul. To my favorite Beatle, goodbye. how the afl changed the nflSome of you may be familiar

It’s Tuesday morning – cold. Supposedly freezing temperatures coming up for the next couple of days. That is it for now. Jay Cutler earned a massive new contract in the off season and will need to prove he is worth

Taught sadhana this morning – seemed to go okay! Everybody very nice about it. Establish a value for your first day covers before you make any attempt to sell. Attend fake oakleys stamp shows, visit stamp collecting shops and review

Overheard: at the Full Moon Meditation: “I used to do that with my old coven.” at Little City: “The piƱata was a baby seal.” The T1/2 dependent resistivity is regarded as a distinct signature of the NFL behaviour from the

Tuesday today – worked late, no yoga, due to posting new issue. Keeping my eye on the prize through some harder days. Not too bad though. What am I trying to say. That despite doing the inner anger kriya, I

Beautiful weather today, after a foggy start that kept me indoors. I was going to get up and photograph flags. Daphne called, upset that I had not contacted her to thank her for the money. I am amazed that it